Sunday, October 5, 2008

James McBride and Margaret Jennie Andrew (great-great grandfather of Willard C. McBride)


My great-great grandfather was James McBride, born in 1781; his wife was Margaret Jennie Andrew, born in 1792. James McBride must have married Margaret Jennie Andrew when she was about fifteen. (It may be seen wehre the name "Andrew" came into being in the descendants of my great-great grandfather).

Margaret (or Jennie as she semeed to have been known) Andrew McBride gave birth to my great grandfather, William McBride, on March 22, 1807 and died shortly thereafter.

After Jennie's death, James married Rachel Van Eaton in February 1808. From information given to my mother (Emma Jane Hubbard McBride), it seems that the Andrew family reared William McBride. After William McBride was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he had the work done in the Temple for the Andrew family and some of their ancestors.

James, after he married his second wife, had other childrlen. When James Andrew, the father of Margaret Jennie Andrew McBride died, his will made in 1823, and probated in 1824, left $20.00 to his grandson, William McBride. The will was probated in Greene County, Ohio.

After his second marriage, James served in the War of 1812. The records of Greene County, Ohio, reveal that he was a second lieutenant during that war. Little else seems to be known about him, except that he died in 1843.

(The above information is taken from the personal and ancestral history of Willard C. McBride. Whenever possible, I have used his own words.)

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Nicole McBride Cheney said...

Do you know anything about a wife to James being Rachel or Rebecca bigger? It shows on my line him having 3 wives.