Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The James Andrew Family

James Andrew was born in approximately 1750, probably in Pennsylvania. With his father, James operated a threshing machine in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, going to different farmers' places to thresh their wheat.

In 1771, James moved to North Carolina. There, he met and married Elizabeth Morrow. In addition to operating a thresher, he also operated a wheelright shop, or what was later called a blacksmith shop. He and Elizabeth had several children, one being Margaret Jennie (great, great grandmother of Willard C. McBride).

The Andrews became dissatsified living in North Carolina, as it was a slave-holding state. They, with about thirty other families, wished to migrate to Ohio, which was a free state.

When their house burned down, rather than rebuilidng, they moved, with some other families, to Tennessee for a period of time. The family settled near Nashville, Tennessee, where two more children were born. Because the Andrews' family had a religious nature, they requested that a Presbyterian minister be sent to their area. A minister from Scotland, a Reverend Robert Armstrong, came in response to their request.

Attracted by one of James' daugthers, Nancy, Robert married her. The Andrews' family, with the newlyweds, traveled to Kentucky where they established a Presbyterian Church, then moved on to Greene County, Ohio.

Notice how these moves brought the Andrew family to Ohio, where they were in place to hear the gospel.

Note: this information was taken from the personal and family history of Willard C. McBride.

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Robert Choate said...

Thanks mom for these stories that give us a little insight into the lives that our ancestors led and tell us where we came from.