Sunday, September 28, 2008

William McBride, great-grandfather to Willard C. McBride

William McBride was born on March 22, 1807 at Greene County, Ohio. In approximately 1835, he married Elizabeth Harris Booram. It is not known when William and Elizabeth joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but on April l6, 1844 (according to a certificate), he was ordained an Elder. In 1846, he was ordained a Seventy. (A record kept by Elizabeth Clark McBride, reveals that Elizabeth and William were sealed to each other in Nauvoo, Illinois, by President Brigham Young.)

William performed work for some of his wife's family in the Temple, probably the Kirtland Temple. With their growing family, William and Elizabeth journeyed to the Salt Lake Valley in Utah with the body of the Saints in 1849. At a call from the Prophet, William served a mission to the Sandwich Islands. After he returned, he served as Bishop in the Santaquin, Utah Ward from 1858 to 1865.

While in Utah, William married a second wife, Janette Cushing, a widow with several boys. A baby girl, Lucretia McBride, was born to William and Lucretia in 1856 in Santaquin. This was a polygamous marriage.

William and Elizabeth had the following children: James Andrew McBride, Susan Elemer, born July 29, 1836; Rebecca Ann, born August 28, 1838, Harrient Ugeniah (who died when young); Elizabeth Deseret, born July 22, 1850 in Salt Lake City, and William Booram, born June 2, 1853, in Salt Lake City. William supported his large family by farming.

In response to a call extended by John Taylor, William, with Elizabeth and his son James Andrew McBride(who had now married Elizabeth Clark and had six children) traveled to the Gila Valley, Arizona to help colonize it. William served for many years as a Patriarch while in Arizona.

Later, William and Elizabeth returned to live with their daughter, Susan, now married to Robert Burton.

This information was taken from the personal history of Willard Carlos McBride.


We are the Moses tribe. said...

Another wonderful history Mom. How neat to hear that he was sealed by President Young.

Robert Choate said...

Thanks for doing this. I will have to try to incorporate these posts into my family history PAF file someway. It is great to see where we come from and the legacy these family members left us.