Sunday, September 14, 2008

Almera Wilson Hubbard

Almera Wilson, the daughter of Wellington Paul Wilson and Rebecca McBride, was born on March 28, 1858. The Wilson family lived near Des Moines, Iowa. In the spring of 1864, they joined a company of Latter-day Saints to begin the journey to Utah.

When they reached the Rocky Mountains, a number of the comopany came down with mountain fever. Almera lost two sisters to the fever, who were buried along the way. Her mother's uncle, Thomas McBride, met the Wilson family in Salt Lake City and moved them to Grantsville, Utah, where a number of the McBride relatives had settled the previous year.

While living in Grantsville, Almera met Elisha Freeman Hubbard. Elisha, a widower with four children, was taken with Almera. After a brief courtship, he proposed to her. Elisha took his bride with him when he returned to his home in the Gila Valley of Arizona.

In addition to bearing and caring for ten children, Almera helped her husband run the family farm and a threshing business. She also served as Relief Society President of the Hubbard Ward.

In March of 1911, Elisha went to Sulphur Springs to help his sons dig wells and clear land. He became seriously ill on March 23rd and asked to come home. Son Moore brought him home by team and wagon. Elisha passed away on March 28, 1911.

Almera lived forty-two years after the death of her husband, continuing to serve faithfully in the Church and caring for her familiy. She passed away September 26, 1953 at the age of ninety-five.

Note: Almera Wilson Hubbard was the maternal grandmother of Willard Carlos McBride. The above information was taken from PIONEER TOWN, PIMA CENTENNIAL HISTORY, produced by the Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society, Inc.

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